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Effective and decisive dental implant

We perform dental implants with a dedicated operating room: we put technologies and skills at your disposal to restore your smile to its ideal condition.

In dentistry, dental implant is a procedure that allows you to replace missing teeth through the use of roots and artificial teeth.

Tooth loss can be due to various causes, such as trauma, tooth decay or periodontal disease. Dental implant treatments allow you to solve problems relating to masticatory function and aesthetic performance.

How dental implantology works

A dental implant can be defined as an “artificial root of the tooth”, as it is anchored to the jaw bone, thus becoming a natural root for fixing crowns, bridges or prostheses.

In fact, implantology allows the integration of a biocompatible metal (titanium) into human tissue (bone). It is a treatment suitable for everyone, without age limits.

Thanks to the use of the latest generation implants (Straumann Slactive implants), the operation can also be performed on diabetic patients and patients with cardiovascular diseases.

Our method

The results that we guarantee to our patients depend on a study method refined over the years, which allows us to make the most of the skills of our doctors and the technologies available.
We develop a personalized treatment path for each patient, choosing the most suitable dental implants to restore teeth.

REPLACEMENT OF A TOOTH – In the case of only one missing tooth, if the adjacent teeth are healthy, it is advisable to resort to the insertion of a dental implant. In this case the implant does not touch the adjacent teeth, as it is not necessary to perform a bridge.

The artificial tooth consists of an implant, abutment and crown. To place a dental crown it is necessary to have supports; once the implant is in place, it will act as a support for the crown.

REPLACEMENT OF THREE TEETH – In the case of several missing teeth, the implants have the function of bearers of the bridge. In these cases, the use of dental implants allows you to replace more lost teeth with implants, without touching the remaining healthy teeth.

REPLACEMENT OF THE COMPLETE ARCH – In the event of the lack of the entire arch (edentulous jaw), the dental implants act as bearers of the bridge; 6 to 8 implants are therefore needed to have a fixed work of 12 ceramic crowns.

The know-how of our experts allows us to complete the dental implant surgery with a procedure that can be compared to the extraction of a molar in terms of discomfort and duration.

The implant insertion procedure is performed under local anesthesia. After a pause of 3-4 weeks, to allow bone integration, the abutments (abutments) are screwed onto the implants, i.e. the “pins” that protrude from the gum and onto which the porcelain crowns will be cemented or screwed, exactly as if they were stumps of natural teeth.

In certain cases, the use of the most modern techniques allows us to use the implants immediately: it thus becomes possible to place the implants in the bone, screw the abutments and place the temporary teeth on them, all in a single session.

Why contact us

Proven know-how and constant updating
At our centres, implant operations have been performed since the 1960s with Dr. Francesco Camerota, one of the pioneers of implantology in Italy. Patients who come to our centers have the guarantee of decades of experience: dental implant operations are in fact personally performed by Dr. Luigi Camerota, one of the leading experts in dental implantology.

Latest generation equipment
All implant operations at our centers are performed in the surgical room equipped with modern instruments and equipment: this allows us to maximize the quality of the operations and minimize discomfort for the patient.

Superior quality materials
Each dental implant made in our centers is performed with treated titanium implants (Slactive Straumann), ceramic crowns or ceramic zirconium and ceramic metal: thus we can offer the maximum aesthetic remains with a lifetime guarantee.
Furthermore, for each implant we issue an implant passport with the lot and technical characteristics.

Dr. Luigi Camerota has been using STRAUMANN technology for implant insertion since 1995, also making use of the ITI research team. (International Team of Implantology) for continuous updates and comparison of the cases to be carried out. The Doctor has also been in contact with the best authors in the field for years, completing various sections of Master Class courses with U.C.L.A. (University California Los Angeles) with prof. Sasha Jovanovic.

He currently carries out implantology and oral reconstructive surgery at Trends Medica, both with traditional and computer-guided surgery.
The operations can be carried out either under sedative analgesia at the facility or at the NARCODONT facility in Milan, with the aid of general anesthesia for more complex cases.

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