Conservative and Endodontics

Baccalaureate classical. Graduated in dentistry in Padua with a thesis on pre-implant surgery and registered in the register of dentists of Padua since 2001.

Already during his studies he attended the Dentistry department of the Padua Polyclinic where he was involved in dental emergency room, then in conservative endodontics and prostheses.

In the following years, he became passionate about the management of gum defects with a view to restoring the smile concerning both the teeth and pink aesthetics, i.e. a correct harmony between teeth and gums. This also and above all in relation to the correct functional and aesthetic positioning of the dental implants.

Recently he has been interested in various courses of mucogingival and implant surgery, with constant updates on the topics on the subject.

Since 2001 he has been involved in adhesive aesthetic dentistry and metal-free restorations.

He attends courses of the major national and international speakers and specializes in the aesthetic restoration of the anterior sectors of the teeth. He also follows courses on modern methods of teeth whitening.

In 2002 he attended the annual course of adhesive restorative dentistry at the Dental Club of Padua.

In 2003 he attended the endodontic course of Prof. Vignoletti. He also participates in numerous courses on new methods with rotating instruments in ni-ti in endodontics and the use of the dental microscope in root canal retreatments. He attended courses on dental emergencies and basic life support.

In 2003 he attended the annual management course of Dr. A. Pelliccia’s dental office.

He has been using the operating microscope in his clinical practice since 2004.

In 2005 he attended the course on veneers and veneers held by Dr. Gianni Persichetti.

Since 2006 he has been dealing with gingival pathologies and in 2013 he obtained the specialization in Clinical Periodontology by attending the Dental Clinic of the University of Padua for 3 years.

In 2006 he took part in an annual course in periodontology held by Prof. Zucchelli. He is the author of an article on dental trauma to be published in the journal “Dental Traumatology”. Ordinary member of the Italian Society of Endodontics. He has been collaborating with Trends Medica since 2002.

Courses and congresses:

  • “Restorative Conservative Adhesive Dentistry” – speakers: Dr. M. Calabrese, Dr. L. Graiff, Dental Club Limena (PD), 8 November – 1 February 2003.
  • “Aesthetic restorations in composite resin on anterior and posterior teeth” – Dr. R. Speafico – Milan June 22, 2002.
  • “Aesthetic Reconstruction with Direct and Indirect Conservative Techniques” – Dr. L. Vanini, Dr. F. Mangani, Rome 10 April 2002.
  • “Avant-garde tools and advanced techniques in modern hedodontics” – 22/23 February 2002. Abano Terme (PD).
  • “Controversies in the extraction of wisdom teeth” – speakers: Dr. Barone, Prof. Covani, Dr. Crescentini, Dr. Monaco.
  • “Periodontal therapy and implants in the integrated treatment plan” – Rimini 15/16 October 2004.

Refresher courses:

  • “Non-surgical periodontal therapy vs surgical periodontal therapy” – SIDP – Dr. G. ricci.
  • “III International Congress of the Italian Association of Implant-Prosthetic Stomatology – DOtt. Hrushka.
  • “Periodontology and Prophylaxis” – speakers: Dr. Bucci Sabattini, Dr. Canizza, Rimini 17/18 June 2005.
  • “Veneers finalization, preparation, impression and provisional” – Dr. G. Persichetti, Milan 3/5 November 2005.
  • “The evolution of the standard method in implantology: surgical and prosthetic aspects aimed at simplifying the treatment” – speakers: Dr. Polizzi, Dr. Cantoni.
  • Course of the Prof. L. Castagnola Foundation “Endodontics 2003″ – president Dr. N. Perrini, Rimini 7/8 March 2003.
  • VIth National Congress of SIDOC “A rational approach to conservative management in the 2000s″ – Prof. P.N. Mason, Padua 16/17 November 2001.
  • 9th National Congress of the “College of Dentistry Teachers” – Dentistry of the third millennium – Rome 10/11/12/13 April 2002.


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